October Review

St Pauls after school club was fully attended and we had an enjoyable meeting with Father Craig, the new curate. Honeywell Sports sessions had regular attendances of about 20-25 young people and adults.

St Pauls Pumpkin Carving

Wednesday 28th October 2015

Rachael, Mark and Dawn plus 15 young people carved pumpkins and decorated biscuits while Stephen made pumpkin soup for us all. See the pictures!

New Lodge Arts and Crafts

Tuesday 27th October 2015

Dawn, Rachael, Sophie and Mark had an enjoyable day doing messy seasonal arts and crafts with 20  five to eleven year old yps.

Walk at Oxspring and Thurgoland

Monday 26th October 2015

Mark, Stephen, Rachael, Dawn and 14 young people had a great day in the upper Don area near Oxspring. We swung on rope swings, went through a tunnel, crossed stepping stones and walked about 6 miles before returning home. See the pictures!

Kingswood Weekend

Weekend 17th/18th October

23 young people and 7staff and volunteers had a great weekend at Kingswood Adventure Centre (Scout Dyke). We had a great time climbing, 3G swinging, night lining, bouldering and much more before finishing off with a walk around the res just before the rains came. Perfect.

Walking and Bulb Planting

Sunday 11th October

Mark, Michelle, Rachael, Bob, Paula, Claire and fifteen young people split into groups to plant daffodil bulbs in communal areas throughout Old Town and regrouped in Wilthorpe Park to tidy up the flower bed, drink coffee and socialise. See the pictures!

Honeywell Coffee Morning

Saturday 10th October 2015

Ad Astra held a coffee morning for volunteers, parents, young people and our friends to keep them informed about our projects and to sell a few cakes…

September 2015 Report

The month had 4 After School Clubs at St Pauls and 4 fitness sessions at Honeywell Sports Village. All were well attended as the young people and their parents got into the rhythm of the new school year. In addition Michelle, Rachael and Mark started new school projects at Darton and Carlton Colleges.

Ad Astra Climb a Mountain

Friday 7th August 2015

Mark, Stephen and 6 young men from Ad Astra went to the Peak District and climbed to the rocky top of Win Hill from the side of Ladybower Reservoir.

St Pauls Arts and Crafts Day

Friday 7th August 2015

Michelle, Rachael and twelve young people had an arts and crafts day at St Pauls Church Hall.